Physics Assignment Page: please do not work ahead….plans may change!

Assignments are in reverse order: (new assignments on top, older to the bottom)


5/12 Seniors who are leaving early on Thursday–your semester test is today.  Otherwise, seniors–work on your review sheet.  Underclassmen, work on your “choose a chapter” activity.

5/11 Extra Credit option available.  Due date 5/18.  (Seniors–due date Thurs 5/14 by 10:30)  No exceptions. extra credit 2 options_electricity causing cancer or physics in movies

5/8 Heat test.  Semester test review sheet given to seniors.  Final activity (choose a chapter) given to underclassmen.  Physics end of year_you choose the chapter spring 2015

5/6 OWN LAB write up time.  Review Sheet for heat test.

5/4 YOUR OWN LAB!  Bring whatever materials your group decided you need for your experiment.

4/30 AAAS field test.  “Matter does not contain heat” research on explainthatstuff website.  1/2 sheet of paper to turn in.

4/28 Share transparencies (Experts of your Chapter).
Block 3’s notes:  notes over chapters 22 23 and 24 by block 3 students spring 2015
Block 4’s notes:  notes over chapters 22 23 and 24 by block 4 students spring 2015
Plan your own lab for Monday.  HEAT UNIT Design Your Own LAB performance assessment

4/24 Teacher gone:  Become experts of one chapter, write notes on transparencies, and share them with the class next time.

4/22 “Why is Iowa so much hotter in the summer than Oregon or California?”  -LAB

4/20 Conduction, convection, and radiation notes.  Activity:  draw a colored picture that shows us all three types of energy transfer in one “place.”

4/16 NUCLEAR Projects are due!  Page Keeley’s “Mixing Water” formative assessment…  NOW TRY IT!  What did you find out?  (Exit card)

4/14  Notes over Ch 21.  Book questions in table pod.  Project work time.  Projects are due NEXT TIME!

4/10 Temp vs Heat.  Shake water for 5 minutes activity.  Cell phone pics of heat or temp.


4/6 TEST Nuclear unit.  Pick 2 questions out of each set  and answer them–worksheet in table pods.

4/2 Grudgeball review game.

3/31 Review sheet for Nuclear test.

3/27 “Test” about math in science (followup to the test you did this fall–not graded–used for my teacher development group)  Labs about radioactive decay and chain reactions.  Survey about ME!  🙂


3/25 (short day PLUS blood drive day)  Questions about nuclear weapons, using laptops/internet.  nuclear weapons questions_research on internet   (and if you have time and want to “play”: )

3/23 Read Chapter 40, take your own notes and show them to me for points.  Do Questions 2-5, 10, 11, 13-15, 18, 20, 24-27, 29, 35 at the End of Ch 40.

3/19 Notes over the second half of Chapter 39.  notes ch 39 2nd half of chapter radioactivity and radioactive decay  Worksheet over the notes.  worksheet Questions Ch 39_book questions but typed up instead  Work time on the “2 Options” projects.

3/17 Notes over the first half of Chapter 39.  Assignment is on the last slide.  notes ch 39 1st half Atomic Nucleus and Radioactivity

3/13 Ipads–nuclear projects–pick 2. Nuclear Energy list of assignments_pick two  Due date is 4/16.

3/11 China Syndrome movie.

3/9 China Syndrome movie.


3/2 Review game (Jeopardy?  Grungeball?)

2/26 Review sheet–Electricity test

2/24 Alliant energy bill.  Read pages 542-548 in the red physics book.  Do questions 7 pg 550, 16 and 19 on page 551 and 32, 33 on page 552.

2/20 Read Section 35.7.  Pick and do 5 Questions from the Review section, 4 from think and explain section, and 2 from think and solve section.  (End of Ch 35)

2/18 (no school–State Wrestling)

2/16 Schematics notes, example problems, and worksheet.

2/12 MAGNETISM IN AN ELEM CLASSROOM LESSON PLAN DUE.  Series vs. Parallel lab.  Being struck by lightning movie.

2/10 Ohm’s Law notes, example problems, worksheet.

2/6 Make a lightbulb light up activity.  I-pads and Physics Classroom website:  what makes sense and what do I not understand notesheet.

2/4 Read Chapter 34.  Take notes over Ch 34 (but not 34.8) and show the teacher for points.  Do questions 1&2 pg 536, 1&2 pg 537, and 4, 10, 12, 17, 30, 31, 36, 38 pg 545.  Turn in questions for points.  Due Tuesday 2/10

1/29 QUIZ over Magnetism.  More Elem Lesson Planning time.

1/27 Review sheet over magnetism.

1/23 Magnetism worksheet (find answers in chapter) and time to work on Elem lesson plan with partners.

1/21 STATIONS over Magnetism.  Discuss the Elementary Magnetism Lesson plan project.  Teach your lesson by Tues 2/10, and turn in paperwork by Thursday 2/12.

1/19 Magnetism movie with 10 movie facts.

1/15 Present movies, toys, mouse-trap cars etc…



Semester test review sheets:  Review sheet Semester 1 test fall 2014_2015 light and optics and speed acceleration projectiles vectors and forces

Monday Jan 5th will be either be a day you can work on your projects or on your review sheets.

Remember, your projects/movies/papers etc. will be due at the beginning of class on Wednesday Jan 7th!!!



11/25 Pendulum equation half-sheet of notes, and 2 problems, to work in table groups.   notes periodic motion and pendulums v2 small version for printing  Projectile notes.  Projectile assignment (in partners).   notes projectiles v2014    projectile vector airplane dropping supplies problem with the Rosetta Mission on the back

11/21 Quiz over Vectors.  Pendulum activity.

11/19  Ipads and Vector websites.  “Pause” button—day 2 of vectors.  Please watch the following video on vectors:

And then look at this physics website:

After watching the video, make sure you have finished the worksheet from last time and turned it in.  You will have a short quiz next time over VECTORS!!!  So….if you are still struggling with this concept, NOW is the time to ask for help.


11/17 Notes over Vectors.  Notes vectors  Vectors worksheet.

11/13 Notes about Force Diagrams.  notes force diagrams with diagrams  Get out the assignment from last time (F=ma) worksheet, and finish the equations.  Add force diagrams for all 5 problems.

11/11 “Plickers” questions.  Newton’s 3 Laws handout.  Newtons 3 laws simple notes and quick do_it_yourself labs  Show how the “toys” at your desk demonstrate Newton’s 3 Laws.  (worksheet to explain how you are using them to demonstrate the laws)  Plickers again.  Newton’s 2nd law handout-start first two problems–do not advance any further for now.

11/7 (teacher absent)  Worksheet over “advanced” speed and acceleration problems, with a partial key provided.  Turn in worksheet when done.

11/5  “Advanced” speed and acceleration problems (4 from the red physics book), provided via notes on the whiteboard. (no electronic notes available)  Do Questions 27 & 28 pg 103, 31 pg 106, 44 pg 111, and 54 pg 112 in the RED physics book.

11/3 Go over velocity time graphs.  Worksheet.

10/30 Finish Domino speed lab AND I-pads:  investigate velocity time graphs using the webpage.  Fill in the graphic organizer provided to you by the teacher with “this makes sense to me” or “this does NOT make sense to me” as you read through the webpages.

10/28 DOMINO speed lab.  Did not finish, so we will finish it in class next time.

10/24 Go over the Position-time graph worksheet from last time. (you got points for doing it–effort–make corrections if your answers are wrong and ask the teacher if you still don’t understand.)  Position-time graph AND speed/acceleration worksheet for points.  Due next time.

10/22 Position time graphs.  “Salmon” colored paper worksheet–using a piece of transparency, answer the questions together in table sides.  Go over notes (purple piece of paper) together.  Homework–answer the “salmon” colored paper worksheet now on your own.

10/20 Read sections 2.1-2.4.  Discuss (on the board) speed, velocity, and acceleration.  Equations for the notecards!  Also, discuss/show motion diagrams (not in the blue physics book.)  Go to the concourse and make 5 motion diagrams based on motion you see or do.

10/16 Physics project presentations continued.



10/8 TEST over Light and Optics

10/6 Review Sheet and/or Work day.

10/1 Eyeball and Laser (and laser eye surgery) notes.  WORK DAY after we discuss lasers and eyeballs.

9/29 SNELL’S LAW!  Notes and worksheet.

9/25  Quiz over ray diagrams.  NOTES about how to find the image using MATH.   notes lens and mirrors EQUATIONS MATH  Do questions 2-4 page 425 in the RED physics book.

9/23 Ray diagrams for lenses.  (Not electronic notes…just on the board.)  Lenses worksheet.


9/17 Mirrors notes (both typed up AND on the board.  The board notes are not online and therefore cannot be shared here.  See Miss Fry if you missed those notes, or watch the Khan Academy’s version if you wish. and the following 3 videos on mirrors.)   notes reflection notes ch 29 blue book physics small font to handout  Worksheet asking you to draw ray diagrams using curved mirrors.

9/15 POP QUIZ.  End of Chapter 28 questions:  1, 2, 9, 10, 18, 21, 22, 32, 35.

9/11 Notes over color.  notes Color blue book  Worksheet.  PROJECT WORK TIME! 🙂

9/9 Time to finish/fix worksheet from last time.  Grade in class.  Notes over opaque/translucent/transparent.  notes ch 27 Electromagnetic Spectrum transparent and opaque notes blue book Worksheet.

9/5 “Pre-test” relating to math in science (for teacher PLC goals).  Polarizer notes.  notes polarizers  Worksheet using speed of light equations.  wksht speed of light etc

9/3 Time in the library to research ideas for physics light and optics project.

8/29 The “Apple in the Dark” activity.  Notes over Light.  notes light_and speed of light_some of ch 27 blue book  Example problem.  Example problem light  Do questions 4 & 5, page 419, turn in when done.

8/27 Quilt blocks WORK time.  Discussed the big Light and Optics project.  Went over the parameters and rubric (scoring guide.)

8/25 Go over tower pictures from previous years.  Tower questions.  tower questions 2014  Sort and Select worksheet.  Turn in before the end of the hour.  Make 2 “quilt blocks” with vocab words.  Include word, definitions, and a picture that helps to explain your word.  Quilt blocks are going to be worked on next time.

8/19 and 8/21 First day stuff.  Tallest towers out of 1 piece of paper.  Remember, the record is 196 cm.