At Mediapolis, we are committed to giving students an education that goes beyond expectations. This is an education that focuses on helping each child find academic success and experience personal growth. We are also committed to equipping our students with the skills necessary to succeed in the 21st Century.
These efforts, in partnership with our District Priorities and our school improvement initiatives, make the Mediapolis Community School District a great place to learn, to teach and to work.
My vision for the Mediapolis School is to ensure high levels of learning for all students. Success for our students and our schools requires a partnership with students, parents, educators, policy makers and district patrons. As a district, we strive to ensure that the curriculum in the Mediapolis School is challenging and that high quality instruction is delivered by competent and inspired teachers. It is my goal to keep students, parents, educators and district patrons connected, informed and focused on quality and excellence for our students.
I encourage you to visit our website often. I hope you will also take the opportunity to visit our school and witness first-hand the many outstanding opportunities provided for the young people we serve. As superintendent, I am always interested in any suggestions, opinions and ideas you might have about how we can improve our schools. Feel free to contact me at any time.
Sincerely, Greg Ray Superintendent of Schools