Weeks of Feb. 3-7

Story:  Young Thomas Edison

Spelling Words:

  • talk
  • cross
  • awful
  • law
  • cloth
  • cost
  • crawl
  • chalk
  • also
  • raw
  • salt
  • wall
  • lawn
  • always

Review words are

  • soft
  • small

Challenge Words are

  • often
  • strawberry

Grammar lesson will be over:  pronouns and antecedents

Spelling lesson focus:  aw, alk sound

Writing Goal : Grandparents interview



Unit Focus:  Division


They have multiplication flash cards that they should practice every night.

Science: fossils

Social Studies:

Week of Feb. 10-14

Same story and skills as the week above


Week of Jan. 17 – 21

Presidential play

Story: Technology Wins the Game

Spelling Words:

  • joy
  • point
  • voice
  • join
  • oil
  • coin
  • noise
  • spoil
  • toy
  • joint
  • boy
  • choice
  • boil

Review Words

  • come
  • are

Challenge Words

  • poison
  • destroy

Phonics Lesson – vowel diphthongs oi, oy

Grammar Lesson – plural nouns

Writing Lesson – final editing of Grandparents paper


Division continues –

They will need to practice their flash cards.


Social Studies:



I also ask that your child try to read each night.  I very rarely send homework home and that is because I would like your child to read each night for 10 to 20 minutes.  The more they read the better they will do in school.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me at the school.



Miss Kennedy